Friday, April 1, 2011

Hearing is not Listening

Bacalah dengan nama Tuhanmu,__________
"Gagal mempersiapkan diri sama dengan mempersiapkan diri untuk gagal".(Mike Murdock) 

Dear  learners,________
Hopefully you are fine. I just want to let you know something special, today. 
Robbin P Stephen, in Managing People, said that hearing isn't listening:
  • many managers hear very well, but they don't listen,
  • what is the difference?
  • hearing is merely picking up sound vibrations
  • listening is making sense out of what we hear
  • listening requires (needs) paying attention, interpreting and remembering sound stimuli.
  • effective listening is active rather than passive
  • In passive listening, you are just like a recorder.
 Well, have you got it, now? I hope so...

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