Tuesday, November 30, 2010


With the name of God,______________
"If an eye for eye, then, the whole world becomes blind". Jika Pencungkilan mata minta dibalas dengan pencungkilan mata, maka seluruh dunia akan menjadi BUTA. (Mahatma Gandhi)  
Dear learners, 
Some day in the past, some one sent me a letter, here is the letter,________
“Mam, to tell you the truth, I’m really interested in your blog. Actually I like reading but unfortunately I don’t like writing. I wanna be best of writing, but I always feel that writing is so difficult. I have tried, but I’m always failed. Someday when I was visiting your blog, I read some topics. They made me become jealousy. I imagine that some day I can write as good as you. So I can share every my idea to all my weblog’s readers and visitors. Mam, would you please to give me the tips of writing? Come on, mam. I wish you don’t mind. You don’t mind to share your experience about ‘how to write’. Thank you mam, I am waiting your respond.”_____Some One (Say that she is Rose).

Well, that is Rose’s problem. Of course, Rose, I don’t mind to share you, how to write, well. I will tell you how to be a healthy writer. Here is the tips!

First, you must have an idea. The idea you must have is about everything, about anything. There is no rules about ideas. You can think about economics, politics, law, culture, social, education, poverty, employment, your family, your friends, your close friend, your neighbor, the president, the ministers, your teacher, your students, your favorite actor and actress, the one you hate very much, the policy you don’t agree, etc.

Now, how do you feel? There are so many sources of writing topics, aren’t there? There is no choice! You must say “Yes”. (Yes, there are so many sources of writing topics. Ha..ha..ha..

The second tips, is just write. Just write? Yeah..! Just write ! Don’t think about ‘mistaken’. Do not ever think about what and how they will respond you. Forget about what they will comment. Write as easy as you read something. Write as easy as you talk. Just like the water flows. Just assume that you are saying, just imagine that you are really talking to others. Just feel that you are standing or sitting face to face with some one whom you share. Although, there is no body being with you, when you are writing.

Hi..! Are you still confused? Do you think that my idea doesn’t help you? May be! May be Yes, may be No. Ha..ha..Come on! Don’t say that I don’t any intention to move out of your problem. Of course, I will help you solve your problem. I know well, what is your problem. I really wanna help you solve it.
You asked me about how to write, didn’t you? OK! Here it is:

  1. Define WHAT is the topic. If you are going to write about crime, you should define what is a crime. For instance, “today I will tell you something important. I will talk about crimes. As far as we know, a crime is bla..bla..bla...”
  2. Describe WHY is it happened. Describe WHY the crime that you meant (at the first point) is happened. Describing WHY is the crime happened means that you also describe “what the effects, what will be happened if the the government don’t care about crime ”.
  3. Tell your readers, WHEN it is happened. When will the crime happen? Or When did it happen?
  4. Tell your readers, WHERE it is happened.
  5. Tell your readers, WHO does it and WHOM is done. Who did the crime? Who are the victims? Who must handle the problem? Who must be responsible of that crime? Who does what, must be clear.
  6. Convince the readers about HOW to overcome. You must suggest the readers about how to overcome the crime.
OK dear, I think it is enough for now. Now, you understand how to write, don’t you? I’m sure. Well, good luck and happy write health topics!

best regards,

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  1. write write write write...

    Don’t think about mistaken.........

    come on rose, you can do it !!!
    do the best... for your self