Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Will Try to Remember You....

With the name of God,____

Hi guys......!!,
How are you? I hope you are fine. I am very very happy now, do you know why?
Because I have a blog. It’s name is

So, from now on, we can communicate anytime. You can visit my blog anytime, anywhere. And, I will be very happy if you contact me actively. You can ask me everything that you may be shy to ask me, when we meet in the class room.

For the first time, I’ll try to mention your names. Of course, I can mention all of your names, because of the limitation of my memory.

Let me try, Andel, are you there? Lusiana, how are you? Ika, Eva, Leonard, Devi, right? Lutfi, Who else????

I’m sorry I can’t stand memorizing all of your names . Would you come to remind me ? Please, send me any comments about those that I don’t remember.

Keep health ! Keep learning ! keep smiling !



  1. any else,
    yup, it's me

    Nukeu Herlandia

  2. me... me ... (raise my hand)
    hehehehee ^^v

  3. here iam MOm...
    anggra kusuma who every day visit the "papan"

  4. Dear Winaryo, Giri and Anggra,

    Yes, Thank you very much for visiting,

    I hope you will be active to practice English. Good Luck !

    Use our white board to make progress...

  5. it's me mom..
    suci nur wulan..
    sorry mom i just visit your blog now...

  6. Dear mom ! When we will join again at english group ?